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Making science easy to understand

The Ology Podcast aims to bridge the gap between science and the general public. In each episode, we select a recently published open access article and invite one of its authors to discuss with us. The conversation centers around understanding findings and their potential impact to society.

Episode 2: Psychological Inoculation Against Misinformation with Dr. Jon Roozenbeek

We chat with Dr. Jon Roozenbeek about misinformation and how to psychologically inoculate against the techniques often used with misinformation. Dr. Roozenbeek is a Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Cambridge Social Decision-Making Lab. His research focuses on why people believe things that aren’t true, and what to do about it. As part of this work, he has co-created the award-winning fake news games Bad News, Harmony Square and Go Viral. Jon also works on group identity and polarization, and is currently writing a book about information warfare in Ukraine.

Episode 1: Misophonia with Dr. Nicolas Davidenko

We chat about misophonia with Dr. Nicolas Davidenko, who is an Associate Professor at the University of California Santa Cruz. He runs the High Perception Lab where he and his team investigate questions at the interface of perception, memory, and communication. His research seeks to answer questions like “What makes some faces easy or hard to remember?” “How do we integrate visual and auditory cues in face-to-face communication?” and “What can virtual reality perception teach us about reality perception?”