Membership requirements

We take the sharing of science seriously

In order to build a strong foundation of active scientists while growing engagement from non-scientists, we have structured our registration options to reflect this outlook.

All are invited to register for free, in order to take full advantage of what Ology has to offer. But there are two levels of free registration: one for academics and one for the general public. This will allow scientists to engage in exclusive scientific discourse related to published papers, expanding the breadth and reach of those papers. General public readers will be able to view these conversations in real time, share papers with others, and save papers. There is a separate discussion section for members of the general public to similarly engage in conversation around topics and papers. To start, these two conversations will remain separate, but freely accessible, and your registration type will correspond to which discussion section you’ll be able to contribute to. See below for a summary of each registration type.

Academic Registration

Individuals who are affiliated with an academic institution will be able to sign up as “Academics.” Simply choose the “Academics” sign in option on the sign in page, which will then prompt you to enter your ORCID ID. We will use this to confirm your status as an academic. If you choose to register as a member of the general public, you may do so using the “General Public” option. Register today and accelerate knowledge.

General Public Registration

Anyone who isn’t an academic may sign up for Ology. Please simply fill out the registration information on our registration page under the “General Public” option. We look forward to you joining us. Register today and follow along the latest academic advancements.